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Why is it worth migrating from Shopify to Magento

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    If you can’t make up your mind about switching from one thing to another, it is always worth comparing the options and coming to a well thought-over decision. And this is exactly what we’re about to do.

    But before digging deep into naked facts, let’s get a couple of things clear about the major difference between the two ecommerce platforms.

    Basically, Shopify is the choice of fresh starters, who have no time or funds available for building their online store on a solid, reliable and scalable platform, like Magento is.

    The second important difference is that the amazing flexibility of Magento requires having a developer or two in your team in order to customize it according to your needs and preferences. However, the level of Magento customization ability is worth the “trouble”.

    Things you’ll enjoy about Magento vs Shopify

    Having a working e-commerce solution for your online store means enjoying its features to the fullest without the need to buy add-ons for extended functions. This is the thing you will get with Magento, but not the Shopify platform.

    For example, Shopify will not let you generate discount codes or enjoy the calculation functionalities, unless you buy a more expensive plan or an app. With Magento, you can enjoy these features immediately.

    The seemingly beneficial larger choice of payment gateways supported by Shopify is diminished by the fees you will have to pay for using third-party gateways. Less payment gateways supported by Magento, however, is solved by simple third-party add-ons you can easily integrate.

    Undeniable strength of Magento, compared to Shopify

    Since starting on Magento or migrating to it is the wise choice of those who run a large online store or are into enlarging the amount of their products, it is important to consider the possibility of international sales.

    And this is where Magento gets the Oscar for best e-commerce platform role. Unlike Shopify, it offers you both multi-lingual support and payment options in a variety of languages and countries. Making your online store international without using any third-party apps is easy with Magento.

    Bottom line

    While there’s a lot more to discuss on the advantages of migrating from Shopify to Magento, it’s important to consider some of the main aspects that make the latter stand out against the former, and these are:

    –       Platform which offers great flexibility and customization ability

    –       Choice of themes and extensions

    –       Support from Magento community and phone support

    –       Highly scalable e-commerce platform

    –       Ability to go international and enjoy multilingual capabilities

    Just keep in mind that you might enjoy Shopify if you’re just starting an online store, which will not reach over a hundred items. However, if your plan is to stand on both feet while running a huge sales platform, it is important to start strong, or migrate to Magento, if you’re in the process of scaling your business.


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