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Wordpress SEO Services

SEO optimization is one of the key tools in website promotion. Its ultimate goal is to attract your business as many new clients, readers, or customers as possible, to improve your brand awareness and to boost your sales.

Our WordPress SEO agency has a vast experience of enhancing the contents of diverse sites so that they become leaders in their corresponding segments or categories. No matter if your project is a long-established business or you created it just a few weeks ago, our expert team will make the best of it.

How does WP SEO company work?

At the first stage of the WordPress SEO company, we analyze the contents of your website and make a list of improvements that need to be introduced. Then, we audit the sites of your competitors and fulfill keyword research. After that, we optimize your site so that it becomes more visible to your prospective customers and lands on top positions in search engines when your clients search for relevant keywords.

WordPress Site Audit and Changes Implementation

If your business has been running for quite some time, it means that you have selected a sensible development strategy for it. The audit will help our specialists to decide whether the site needs radical upgrading or moderate changes. Due to this procedure, we will reveal possible errors, bugs and shortcomings, as well as identify the elements that used to be efficient but are already outdated. If your site has some competitive edges that still preserve their potential, the optimization strategy will take them into consideration and enhance them.

Competitors Audit and Keyword Research

Our consultants will monitor the websites of your direct competitors, analyzing their strong and weak sides. The aim of this phase is to make your site stand head and shoulders above theirs and to differentiate your project from all the rest.

Yoast SEO optimization

Yoast is one of the most in-demand promotional plug-ins for WordPress. It simplifies the process of working with keywords, creating new pages and publishing fresh content. The exact Yoast SEO pricing might vary considerably depending on the scale, sphere and particular needs of your business.

On-page optimization & on-going content creation

On-page optimization suggests that the already existing content of your site should be upgraded in the following ways:

  • Making sure that all the data on display is meaningful and relevant
  • Deleting excessive information blocks
  • Restructuring the content with the aim of making it more logical and visually appealing
  • Adding new pages, sections, articles and headings
  • Compiling lists of keywords and inserting them in the texts
  • Inserting hyperlinks and alt attributes for images

Our SEO managers will keep providing you with fresh content. When you regularly update your site with profile news, this improves the site's position in search results.

Off-page optimization

This type of SEO optimisation involves working with content that is connected to your business but is not published on your website. Wikipedia articles, geolocation services or sites with reviews serve as good examples of this genre. We will create the off-page content for you and publish it on online sources according to the rules and standards of these sources. As a result, you will get many high-quality incoming links to your website.

WordPress SEO pricing

All businesses are different, that's why we always calculate the pricing for each project individually. If you are interested in WooCommerce SEO services, it might require larger expenses than the optimization of a regular WordPress site. Feel free to call us or submit a request in the form below, and we will estimate the costs of our work for your site.

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