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Wordpress Support&Maintenance plans

Even though WordPress sites are relatively easy to maintain, it would be reasonable to rely on professional support. Our company offers WP maintenance packages for businesses for all scales and spheres.

WordPress sites are relatively easy to build and maintain. However, many website owners prefer to resort to WordPress maintenance service instead of looking after their projects themselves. Professional help requires certain expenses that successfully pay off by attracting new clients, customers and subscribers to your business. You will quickly achieve the target commercial indicators, increase your sales and boost your income.

Our Services

Our support services include diverse packages. The WordPress maintenance plans that we offer cater to projects of any scale and sphere of activity. You can easily choose the one that meets best your particular needs and budget: from unlimited support to covering only the selected aspects.

All our employees have profile education, high qualification and vast experience. They are constantly expanding their professional outlook and acquiring new skills. You can safely entrust your business to them and be sure that it will evolve according to the latest industry standards.

WordPress Core File Updates

We will timely update all the core files and apply the White Label plugin to customize your CMS. It will make the interface even more intuitive and will contribute to your brand awareness.

Files Backup

Files and databases are among the most valuable assets of any online business. We will create the safest possible backups for them so that you won't lose a single byte when upgrading the system or moving the site to a new hosting service.

Malware Scans

WordPress sites often become targets for hacking attacks. Cybercriminals know that the owners of such projects sometimes don't know about the latest security solutions or economize on them. They try to detect vulnerabilities in the system, but we will do our best to prevent data breaches.

Error fixing

Minor bugs and errors are an inevitable part of the working process. The specialists of our WP support service will identify them as soon as they appear and eliminate them before they cause any tangible harm.

Why do you need WordPress Website support?

The professional WordPress support that our company provides will considerably save you time and effort. Our technicians masterfully tackle such aspects of WordPress projects which you didn't even know existed.


Our staff have profound technical expertise. When you try to fix a bug by yourself, you might cause further damage to the system. Leave it to the professionals and they will solve the problem promptly.

Save your time

Thorough WP maintenance is not only intellectually challenging but also time-consuming. Even if you are planning to introduce only minor changes, you will need to invest at least a couple of hours into this task.

Improved Performance Monitoring And Optimization

Even when the system runs smoothly, it doesn't mean that it reaches its peak performance. We will fine-tune your site so that it works at its full capacity and opens lucrative commercial perspectives.

Feel free to contact us to get to know the WordPress maintenance cost. We calculate the pricing for each project individually and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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