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Shopware Theme Development with a Professional Team

Making the most out of the Shopware trading platform means creating a professional theme for your eCommerce business. Our team will help you develop a modern and functional theme. Don't miss out on unique themes that will transmit your brand's values and highlight its competitive edge.

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Shopware Theme Development Advantages

for eCommerce businesses

A professional Shopware theme will enable your business to stand out from your competitors. At first sight, your potential customers will see that you are unique, treat your activities seriously and respect your audience. And this is just a start. Other advantages of theme development include:

  • Security

    The regularly updated and fixed theme makes it hard for cybercriminals to get through to your store and compromise it.

  • Speed

    Well-coded theme with thought-out features reduces loading times and positively impacts Google ranking.

  • Sales

    Wisely chosen theme contributes to user experience, making user journey smooth and effortless, and raises sales rates.

  • SEO

    Professionally developed themes affect SEO, affecting Google's ranking and store's visibility to Interner users.

Why choose our company

as your theme development partner?
  • Full Cycle Development

    Our team provides not only Shopware theme development services but can create and maintain technological solutions for you from scratch. Custom Shopware development, consulting, support, and maintenance, access all range of Shopware services from one place.

    • Prototyping
    • UI/UX design
    • Quality assurance
    • Support and maintenance
  • Official Shopware Partner

    We are an official partner of Shopware. We have an extensive portfolio of efficient solutions, and we have collaborated with clients from all over the world. Our team knows all ins and outs of Shopware development and knows how to handle different challenges and requirements.

    • Certified Shopware developers
    • Team who is aware about latest news and trends
    • Wide range of Shopware services
    • Affordable prices
  • 10+ years on the market

    Since 2012, we have been focused on e-commerce solutions and Shopware development. Our unique philosophy revolves around crafting a comprehensive and scalable development strategy for businesses. We've worked with dozens of clients by now and learned how to deal with all kinds of challenges.

    • Lots of clients from different areas of business
    • Numerous success stories
    • Experience with wide range of challenges
    • Coordinated practices for various scenarios
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What to consider before choosing Shopware theme?

When going for Shopware theme development, several main criteria are to consider. When choosing a templated theme, not all of those criteria will match your needs and requirements. Meanwhile, going for custom theme development, you ensure that each theme's detail is tailored for your store.

  • Design

    Before developing a theme, you need to make up your mind regarding the design as well. Your design has to contribute to the store's overall image, not otherwise. So, it would help if you had features, fonts, and colors that would go in line with the goods or services you are selling.

    • Responsive design
    • Intuitive navigation
    • Clear call-to-action buttons
    • Lot of white space
  • Compatibility

    If you have specific extensions or plugins that contribute to store functioning, you need to ensure that the theme is compatible with them. Meaning that they will run smoothly on the chosen theme. When working with professional developers, they consider all the existing plugins and develop a fully compatible custom theme.

    • Extensions
    • Integrations
    • Plugins
    • Add-ons
  • Loading time

    Pre-made themes have different speeds depending on the number of features and functionality. Choosing the wrong theme for your store can seriously affect your store's speed and increase loading times. In order to avoid that, developers create custom themes that match your needs exactly.

    • Reduced loading time
    • Speeded up online store
    • Decreased bounce rates
    • Increased conversion rates
  • Up-to-date development

    Installing the theme isn't enough; it needs to be constantly updated and fixed according to the store's needs. The technologies are constantly evolving, new plugins appear, the store grows, and all contribute to the theme's performance and use.

    • SEO optimization
    • Keeping up with new technology stacks
    • Adding new features
    • Fixing bugs or issues

How does it work?

  • Send your design

    If you have a design project, send it to our team in Figma, Sketch, Avacode, or PSD. If you don't, no worries, our specialists will help you with that as well.

  • Get customized Shopware theme

    Our team uses your design to create a customized Shopware theme using Twig, SCSS, and Bootstrap. You will be able to customize the theme further and purchase theme extensions to cover the unique needs of your business.

  • Follow up to update the theme

    If bugs come up after you start using the theme, just let us know, and we will fix them promptly. Or, if you need to upgrade, change, or extend the theme, our team will follow up with the theme upon your requests.

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Frequently asked questions about Shopware theme development

  • What is a theme in Shopware development?

    The theme is the base for the design of your Shopware store. It includes such things as page layout, headers, footers, colors, types, etc. The theme is like a structure for your store, its spine, that you can use to build a custom and unique design.

  • How custom theme benefits your business?

    Every business is unique, even those companies that sell the same products or services. They have special needs or requirements that should be considered when developing their online presence. Standard themes may not have the room to address these requirements. In this case, custom theme development helps create a solution that completely matches the store's needs.

  • How to choose a theme for your Shopware store?

    Choosing a theme for your store requires considerable research and preparation. For instance, you have to decide on the design specifications, check for plugin compatibility, test the theme's speed, etc. Or you can avoid the trouble altogether and partner with a Shopware theme development company.

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