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How does it work

for your Shopware store?
We offer a straightforward and cut-to-the-chase approach to support your online store. In order to help the business, we need to learn how the business is organized, what challenges it faces, and what goals pursues. After we understand all the facts, we can move on to crafting a relevant support strategy.
Evaluation of business environment

Evaluation of business environment

We thoroughly assess all parts of your business, learning about its ups, downs, successes, and challenges.
Discussion with business owners

Discussion with business owners

Our team discusses your business goals, priorities, principles, and values with you to be on the same page when developing a solution.
Support strategy development

Support strategy development

Analyzing all the gathered data, our team crafts a support strategy tailored to your problems and challenges.
Support strategy implementation

Support strategy implementation

Our team implements the strategy, gradually introducing changes to all business processes.
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Emergency Shopware Support

for eCommerce businesses

Damage control

We’ve been on the market for over ten years, and it’s safe to say that we’ve seen it all. Chances are, we’ve encountered your issue before and already have protocols on how to act on it. Surely, we’ll tailor the rescue measures specific to your business, ensuring that our methods solve your problem.
  • Website downtimes
  • Error messages and glitches
  • Breaches and security threats
  • Low page loading speed

Performance optimization

If you experience high bounce or low website opening rates, it’s time to transform your SEO strategy. Slow page loading speed is one of the most widespread factors that scare potential customers away. This problem needs to be solved immediately, so we don’t waste any time and check your website to highlight all the problem spots and address them.
  • Keyword relevance
  • Content updates frequency
  • User experience
  • Technical crawlability

Solving compatibility issues

Sometimes, when using many extensions or integrations, not all of them will work smoothly. We will help you to make sure that none of the existing plugins conflict with each other, causing troubles in performance. We help resolve compatibility issues to make sure that all of the extra features are working properly.
  • Browser-specific functions
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Outdated browser detection
  • Layout compatibility

Regular Shopware Support Services

If you look for a competent team to work with your Shopware store on a constant basis and look after its performance, and stability, you need an agency that provides a full scope of support services. Particularly, the following services will be of the great use to you:

Complete Redo of the Solution

Whether you only have a business idea or an eCommerce solution that has been working for years, we can either build a Shopware store from scratch or improve the existing one. We work with online businesses at any point in their eCommerce journey.

  • Developing custom functionality
  • Migrating an online store to Shopware
  • Redesigning the solution
  • Introducing extensions and integrations

Incident Prevention

Prevention is better than cure, and this principle works with eCommerce businesses as well. Instead of acting on the challenges and issues as they appear, why let them appear at all? As your partners, we will constantly check and update your technology stack to prevent incident occurrence.

  • Regular check ups of the solution
  • Extensions installation
  • Necessary updates and upgrades
  • Backup configuration

Security Maintenance

If developing a solution from scratch, we include security standards and protocols in the development stage. If working with functioning stores, we check them for code standards and fix vulnerabilities to eliminate the risks.

  • Scanning for viruses and malware
  • Setting user permissions
  • Developing backups
  • Installing security patches

Audit and Optimization

If you get low-performance indicators without apparent reasons, we will get to the root of the problem by performing an audit of every part of your business. And once we determine the cause of the problem, we’ll make the necessary improvements.

  • SEO audit
  • Platform audit
  • Conversion rate audit
  • Content audit

What does our team has to offer?

Shopware Partner

Who is a better candidate to help you with a Shopware store than an official Shopware partner? We’ve worked with numerous Shopware stores over the last decade and learned how to handle every single issue that appears on Shopware.

10+ Years of Experience

Since 2012, we have been focused on e-commerce solutions and Shopware development. Our unique philosophy revolves around crafting a comprehensive and scalable development strategy for businesses. We’ve worked with dozens of clients by now and learned how to deal with all kinds of challenges.

Reasonable Pricing

We always keep our prices at a reasonable level. Our working process is entirely transparent. You tell us about what you need the help with and pay just for that. Don’t overpay for unnecessary features or details; pay only for what needs to be done for your business.

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Frequently asked questions about Shopware Support

What does Shopware support services include?
Shopware support services include a wide range of activities, from search engine optimization to installing extensions and integrations. We offer a full range of Shopware support services and can develop a solution for you from scratch, transform the existing one, or tackle away minor incidents and issues.
Do you provide support for specific issues or should I purchase the whole support package?
We can either provide a full package of support and maintenance services and take care of your eCommerce solution or offer local help for specific issues you have.
I have an issue that needs to be fixed immediately. Can you start working right away?
Yes, we do. Help is only one message away. Contact us, and our team will get back to you to set the time for further discussion and work on the project.

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