Shopware PWA Development

Shopware PWA Development

Turn your online store into a modern and functional progressive web app. IT Delight offers extensive expertise in the sphere of Shopware 6 PWA development at a reasonable price. We will create a superb app that will help you boost sales and maximize revenue. Your brand awareness will grow, and you’ll be able to expand your customer base and increase your conversions.

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PWA Advantages

for eCommerce businesses

Some eCommerce business owners think it might be enough to have a Shopware site. Yet, in fact, progressive web apps have many advantages that sites lack. For example, PWAs are ideal for online stores because they allow customers to flip through the photos quickly. You open the page of a certain product, and you examine it. Meanwhile, the app is already preloading the next page. When you flip to the next item, you won’t need to wait for a second. Other advantages include:

  • Offline mode

    Regular websites don't display content properly without an internet connection. With PWA, users get to access and browse through the site offline.

  • Mobile-like structure

    While remaining a website, PWA has most of the mobile app features. In this way, it offers a better user experience compared to regular websites.

  • Effortless installation

    With PWA, users can install an app right from the website. Like mobile apps, PWAs have their own icons on the devices (phones, tablets, etc.)

  • Hardware features

    Developers have complete control over the feature's implementation, such as push notifications. Besides, they can easily customize them to the clients' requirements.

Differences between PWA, Web Dev, and Mobile App

for eCommerce businesses
  • PWA

    PWA is essentially a hybrid between web applications and mobile applications. For instance, they quickly load and can be used offline. Having many advantages of mobile apps, PWAs are primarily created to run inside a web browser.

    • Full responsiveness and browser compatibility
    • Connectivity independence
    • Native app-like interface
    • Push notifications
  • Mobile App

    Mobile apps are the most difficult to use in terms of installation. Web apps and PWAs require no installation whatsoever while obtaining a mobile app requires a certain level of commitment to get to the end of the installation process. Other features include:

    • Interactions with other apps
    • Extensive functionality
    • Highly safe and secure
    • Top-notch performance (mobile code is faster)
  • Web App

    Web apps don't require downloading or installation; they can just be viewed via the internet browser. Having a responsive design, the app will adapt to whichever device the customer is using.

    • No downloading or installation
    • Easily maintainable
    • Automated updates
    • Quicker and easier development
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What is the deal with Shopware PWA?

This app will look like an exact copy of your shop. Your customers will be able to purchase your goods and/or services there enjoyably and with minimum effort. The app will function seamlessly. It will be very easy for you to control it.

  • Freedom and creativity

    The flexible stand-alone frontend was developed with a powerful UI library, allowing creative designs and functionalities to be realized without restrictions. With the Shopware PWA, you can implement a design without having to focus on the backend and improve the overall functionality.

  • Lots of integrations

    Marketing experts and ecommerce managers alike have their own set of tools they know and love - whether for content management, hyper-personalization on product pages, or tracking user behavior across the entire customer journey. The Shopware PWA makes it easy to integrate these tools and augment the existing features of Shopware 6.

  • Room for small and big companies

    We understand the challenges of ecommerce for larger companies. The application landscape is extensive, demands on the frontend are high, and page loading times of less than a second are a must. The Shopware PWA has been built with this in mind, allowing you to directly integrate with your WMS for order tracking, or PIM system for products.

  • Top-notch stack

    Shopware PWA has been built from the ground up to incorporate the latest frontend tech, and best practices followed by the Vue.js community.

Mistakes in PWA development

  • Not creating an offline page

    One of the essential benefits of PWA is the ability to access the features offline. By providing your customers with the opportunity to review and buy your goods and services without the internet, you make the shopping experience more usable.

  • Optimizing incorrectly

    Keep in mind that when building PWAs, you should keep some of the aspects of a conventional website in mind, such as making the PWA discoverable and SEO-friendly.

  • Overdoing push notifications

    Push notifications were created to keep our end users informed about new content and features. However, as progressive web app developers and website owners became hungrier, an increasing number of websites began asking users for permission to send them push notifications, which became unpleasant.

Case studies

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Frequently asked questions about Shopware PWA development

  • What is PWA?

    A progressive web application or PWA is a web app with a number of mobile application functions. For instance, it has icons on the home screen, can send notifications, etc. PWA allows business owners to create a more reliable and engaging user experience for their stores.

  • What are the benefits of PWA development?

    Some eCommerce business owners think that just having a website is enough. However, progressive web apps have many advantages that regular sites lack. To name just a few: offline functions, quick start, faster loading, better personalization, enhanced customer experience, efficient adaptation to diverse devices, etc.

  • Why collaborate with IT Delight?

    Our team of professionals works with projects of any level of complexity. No matter how large your online store and how complicated its structure is, we can build a handy PWA for it. Besides, we've worked with hundreds of eCommerce businesses. Our team knows how to handle various challenges and always meets deadlines.

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