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Data migration on Shopware

Running an e-store on Shopware (SW) is considered to be the smartest approach to e-commerce today. If your project was built on another technology, we will be glad to carry out Shopware migration for you. This should help you expand your client base, establish a better rapport with your target audience, increase conversion and generate a larger profit.

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Every business or company has a different structure. Even working in the same industry doesn't mean that you have the same work processes or standards. Depending on your platforms and technologies, you may restore to various types of data migration.

  • Database migration

    This is data transfer between two database systems. In this case, data is transferred without changing the structure.

  • Application migration

    This is a data transfer from one framework to another system or vendor. It's necessary to ensure that the data is communicable between different software before migration.

  • Storage migration

    This is data transfer from one storage medium to another. This method involves such features as data validation, cloning, and reduction of outdated or irrelevant information.

  • Cloud migration

    Migrating data to the cloud provides businesses with more scalability and requires less storage space. It is a cost-effective and secure solution that many companies choose for themselves.


  • Planning

    Data migration is a complex process that starts with evaluation of the existing data and creating a migration plan. It also involves several smaller steps that our team takes care of while working on your project.

    • Evaluating the data
    • Identifying and briefing the key stakeholders
    • Establishing rules and management process
    • Determining what data to move
  • Execution

    At this point, actual data migration happens. It could take up to several days, depending on the chosen migration method and approach. Our developers make sure that the migration process doesn't interfere with usual business operations and processes.

    • Creating full backup of the data that's being moved
    • Coding the migration logic
    • Creating scripts for data transition
    • Testing the migration with a mirror of production environment
    • Executing the migration plan
  • Post-migration audit

    After the data is migrated, it's time to check if the migration was successful. Our specialists will proceed with all the necessary follow-ups and ensure that the data is smoothly integrated into the new systems.

    • Demonstrating that migration has gone according to all the requirmenets
    • Validating results with key clients
    • Retiring the old systems
    • Testing the new system by triggering all the workflows and automations
    • Launching migrated data in production
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Mistakes in Data Migration

Ensuring smooth data migration is no easy task, but we are here to help. Beware of the following mistakes to make sure that your data migration process is smooth and seamless.

  • Not including business users

    Business users are the ultimate end users of the data. It's necessary to include them in the data migration process to understand how the data migration works in practice and course-correct if necessary.

    • Reviewing infrastructure
    • Analyzing compatibility issues
    • Determining the step where to involve stakeholders
    • Gathering feedback about merging, cleansing, and restructuring the data
  • Neglecting preparation of the source data

    You can't just Ctrl C and Ctrl V all the data to the new platform. It has to be thoroughly examined and reshaped to fit the new parameters. Our specialists will restructure your data so it can fit the new Shopware store.

    • Checking data for duplicates, gaps, spelling errors
    • Cleansing source data
    • Eliminating outdated or irrelevant parts
    • Configuring data to fit the new parameters
  • Overlooking the set of governance

    When transferring data to the new platform, you don't want to transfer all the little inconsistencies and mistakes with it. So, before making a transfer, it's necessary to check and define the governance structure of data.

    • Setting who can access, edit, and remove the data
    • Managing the lifecycle of data
    • Checking if the data is in compliance with the company's validation rules
  • Skipping tests and validation

    Migration issues are an inevitable part of the process. Testing and checking the data should be present throughout the whole journey of migration, not only at the end of it. Testing data transfer multiple times reduces costs and time spent on the process.

    • Defining tests and evaluations
    • Setting follow-up meetings with stakeholders
    • Discussing issues and lessons learned with the whole team
    • Creating action plans for moving forward


  • Shopware 5 to 6 migration

    If your project is running on an older SW version, we will upgrade Shopware 5 to 6. It will increase the productivity of your business and make it more user-friendly. It will also become easier to manage, update and modify the site. After the upgrade, your site will fully comply with the current industry standards.

  • Magento to Shopware migration

    Clients frequently ask us to help them migrate Magento to Shopware. Our specialists will take great care of your files, databases, and servers. With our profound technical knowledge and impressive experience in the field, you can be sure that each byte of your precious data will be smoothly transferred to a new system without a hitch.

  • Data migration from other platforms

    Apart from Magento to Shopware migration, we can move your data from other platforms. Our team will make sure that your e-shop is protected by SSL certificates of the latest generation.

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Frequently asked questions about data migration

  • What is data migration?

    Data migration is the necessity when it comes to introducing new systems or platforms. It involves transferring data from one location, format, or application to another. Today, data migration is a must for many business owners that want to optimize and transform their companies.

  • What are the common mistakes of data migration?

    There are too many mistakes to make when transferring data. For example, skipping the data cleansing process and moving to the new platform not only the data, but all the inconsistencies, spelling errors, and mistakes. Or else, waiting for the right moment to transfer the data, when in fact, there's never the right moment.

  • What are the main challenges of data migration?

    Companies' most common challenges when working with data migration are: lack of expertise and knowledge, unproven migration technology, lack of planning, insufficient data preparation, etc. Partnering with the migration services, you can solve all these problems at once.

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