Shopware Extension Development

Shopware Extension Development Services

If you need extensions for your Shopware store, we offer years of experience and broad knowledge to you. Being an official Shopware partner, we know this sphere inside out and can provide flexible solutions with custom logic.
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Process of Shopware Extension Development

for eCommerce businesses
There’s more to consider than just choosing the necessary extensions and integrations and implementing them in your store when it comes to extension development. You need to make sure that extensions will work smoothly with the existing processes and won’t interfere with other integrations.


Taking into account all the relevant information about the store to ensure that extensions will work smoothly and improve the store’s efficiency.


Making sure that chosen extension is compatible with the rest of the extensions and integrations of the store.


Implementing the extensions to add value to your store and increase the efficiency of your store.
Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Checking the extension after its implementation to make sure that it works without conflicting with other processes.
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What kind of extensions would you need

for your Shopware store?

Search Extension

With a well-designed search feature, your customers won’t only easily find what they have been looking for but also see suggestions for items they didn’t even consider before. For instance, users may consider buying complementary items if the search function has the Frequently Bought Together parameter.
  • Focus on the search bar
  • Filtering the results page
  • Utilizing intelligent autocomplete
  • Involving breadcrumbs

Shipping Extension

By using the shipping plugin, you provide your customer with a robust shipping experience. Besides universal carrier support, you can also include extra features, such as shipping discounts for returning customers.
  • Flat-rate shipping
  • Local delivery
  • Real-time carrier rates
  • Personal discounts or free shipping

Payment Extension

Ensuring prices that are at least a little lower on the market is one of the biggest marketing tactics. And to do that, you don’t necessarily need to intentionally significantly lower prices, but follow a few principles.
  • Targeted personalization
  • Loyalty and discounts program
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Geographical-based pricing model

Extension Development Services

You might want to integrate a ready-made storefront or admin extension into your online shop to save time and funds. But then, you might notice that your store is working too slowly — and that would be a rather common situation. The thing is that ready-to-use ERP solutions are often too bulky. They contain many excessive features that your shop might not need. When you order a custom extension, we will provide you only with those features that your business genuinely requires. We will make sure that every new component of your store integrates seamlessly with the already existing structure. All the extensions that we build for you will be compatible with third-party ones.


Our team provides custom extension development so your extension would be fully compatible with your online store. The extension will smoothly connect to all the third-party software as well as internal systems.

  • Analysis of the current solution
  • Figuring out the best extension type
  • Developing the extension so it would be compatible with the rest of the systems
  • Testing & updating the extension if needed


We offer highly flexible solutions that are indispensable for cross-channel and cross-device trade. You won’t need to apply any programming effort to fine-tune them. You will be able to define rules with conditions and links intuitively.

  • Scalability options
  • Adaptation to current systems
  • Responsive design
  • Multiple sales channels


While working on the extension, our team also writes extensive technical documentation. In this way, you’ll be able to work with other developers and provide them with guidance on the architecture of the developed extensions.

  • Documentation plan
  • Design structure
  • Graphics
  • Testing and reviews


Launching the project is the end of the journey for some companies, but not for us. We provide you with further support to ensure that everything works properly after customers start interacting with the extension.

  • Live chat
  • Educational materials
  • Maintenance of the extension
  • Fixing and updating the extension

Why collaborating with our agency?

Shopware partner

We are an official partner of Shopware. We have an extensive portfolio of efficient solutions, and we have collaborated with clients from all over the world. Our team knows all the ins and outs of Shopware development and how to implement all kinds of extensions and integrations.

Support and Maintenance

After we build a custom Shopware plugin for you, we will provide ongoing support for it. We will keep upgrading the plugin, and we will promptly fix any bugs if they occur.

Reasonable Pricing

We always keep our prices at a reasonable level. Our working process is entirely transparent. You tell us about your goals — and we offer you the ways of achieving them. Don’t overpay for unnecessary features or details; pay only for what needs to be done for your business.

Case studies

Our latest projects

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Frequently asked questions about Shopware extensions development

How Shopware extension development can benefit you?
If you want to ensure a positive user experience for customers, you need to provide them with lots of benefits, such as multiple payment options or delivery options. While Shopware won’t be able to give you all of that functionality, you can easily customize your store with different extensions and integrations.
How to determine which extensions do my business need?
You need to think about what your online store lacks at the moment. Ask your customers to leave feedback on what they enjoy and what they don’t about your store and which improvements they are looking for. Before choosing an extension, you need to realize how it will benefit your business.
Do I need to hire development company to install extensions?
Even if you think that you have found the perfect extension, it doesn’t mean that it will work smoothly with all of your systems. You need a professional to customize the extension, so it matches all of your systems and third-party integrations.

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