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Launched a Shopware store, but it wasn't much of a success? Meanwhile, your competitors have loads of customers when it seems they aren't doing things differently? Let IT Delight become your fairy godmother who helps you deal with the challenges and reach your eCommerce goals.

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Why hire consulting company?

for your Shopware store

The main reason to seek Shopware consulting is that it saves you time & money, making business more efficient. That being said, there are many ways in which consultants make that happen:

  • Unbiased feedback

    Ecommerce consulting professionals give you feedback that you can't expect from anyone else, including friends or business partners. They have an outside perspective and professional background to help your business.

  • Right Audience

    Shopware consulting specialists will help identify the right target audience for your business, so your marketing campaigns aren't in vain. They maximize your marketing results by aiming it at the right pool of potential customers.

  • Business Roadmap

    By creating a customizable roadmap that suits your needs, consultants will help you identify and follow business objectives both in the short and long term.

  • Increased Sales

    Ultimately, eCommerce consultants will address specific challenges of your business that get in the way of expanding your business and boosting sales.

How to choose the right consulting service

specifically for your business?
  • Your Goals and Values

    Choose a consulting agency that understands your business goals and shares your values. Your cooperation will only be fruitful if the consulting company has the same vision regarding the business.

    • Approaches to projects
    • Methods of working
    • Practices to complete goals
    • Technologies used in work
  • Services' Ecommerce Experience

    While a number of years is essential, it's not the primary factor to consider when choosing an agency. You also need to find out what exactly the agency does, what kind of services they provide, and who they worked with throughout their time on the market.

    • Strategies and methods they used
    • Range of services they provide
    • Client testimonials
    • Geography of the clients
  • Services' Work Portfolio

    Check out the company's portfolio to get a feel for what kind of projects they worked on. Remember to focus on eCommerce businesses and projects similar to yours, not other projects.

    • Case studies
    • Success stories
    • Types of projects
    • Ecommerce campaigns
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What Does Shopware Consulting Include?

Different Shopware consulting agencies offer different ranges of services. Our team strives not just to transform clients' visions and strategies but to create fully-developed digital solutions.

  • Thorough business analysis

    Assessment of the current state of affairs is the first step in determining the business's pain points and building a rock-solid online presence. We comb through every aspect of business, gathering data for further analysis.

    • Target audience research
    • Competitors analysis
    • Pain and growth points identification
    • Company's workflow examination
  • Crafting a technological solution

    Once we've collected all the data, our team moves on to crafting technological solutions. Meaning, we examine which technologies and methods best match the business needs and scaling prospects.

    • Developing functionality lists
    • Estimating costs and time for implementation
    • Evaluating technical feasibility of the solution
    • Defining technological stack
  • Solution development

    Once again, our agency doesn't only consult but also carries out proposed solutions. We work on every step of the development process to transform the idea into a complete and functional product.

    • Frontend and backend development
    • User experience design
    • Visual design
    • QA and testing
  • Solution maintenance

    Once the solution is up and running, we offer further support and maintenance of your Shopware store. While our clients focus on the growth and expansion of their businesses, we tackle all eCommerce-related issues.

    • Technical maintenance
    • Business maintenance
    • Content management assistance
    • Security management

Our Core Principles

  • Smart Approach

    Working with various clients from many industries, we've learned what works and what does not. By applying all the previous knowledge and closely analyzing your business, we will develop a custom solution for your Shopware store.

  • Long-term strategy

    When it comes to the digital transformation of your business, our key goal is to make it work in the long-term perspective. To achieve this, we conduct thorough research of your business, market needs, and competitors and develop a scalable and extensible solution.

  • Flexibility

    When developing solutions, our team keeps in mind the fact that the digital world evolves at a rapid speed. We focus on creating solutions that will allow reaching customers at multiple touchpoints and across multiple devices.

Case studies

Our latest projects

  • PROJECT Magento 2 Page Speed Optimization
    DURATION 1 year
    FEATURES Request A Sample' System Expanded Carrier Options Mailgun Integration View Full Project
    PROJECT BamBam
    DURATION 3 year
    FEATURES Request A Sample' System Expanded Carrier Options Mailgun Integration View Full Project
  • PROJECT Zolota Kraina
    DURATION 4 year
    FEATURES Request A Sample' System Expanded Carrier Options Mailgun Integration View Full Project
    PROJECT Magento Commerce Cloud Development
    DURATION 2 year
    FEATURES Request A Sample' System Expanded Carrier Options Mailgun Integration View Full Project

Frequently asked questions about Shopware consulting

  • What is Shopware consulting?

    Shopware consulting offers you professional knowledge and perspective on every aspect of your business, from marketing strategies to user experience. Shopware consulting agencies also often provide further development and maintenance of your online store.

  • Why hire a Shopware consultant?

    Shopware consultants offer a long list of services and can benefit your business differently. From playing an advisory role to carrying out technological solutions, consultants became an indispensable part of the eCommerce world. Skilled Shopware consultants will highlight the aspects of your business that need improvement, offer recommendations on generating more traffic and growing sales, and many more.

  • What questions should you ask before hiring a Shopware consulting service?

    Not every Shopware consultant will be beneficial for your business. With so many services on the market, it's crucial to find an agency with enough experience and skills to work with your case. Before committing to a particular Shopware consulting agency, make sure to check their portfolio, learn about their experience, ask what strategies and technologies they use, and how to deal with the challenges.

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