Shopware 6 page speed & SEO optimization services

To make the most of your Shopware eCommerce business, you should resort to SEO optimization and boost your page speed. We have extensive expertise in this field and we will be glad to help you. We offer reasonable prices and we are an official Shopware partner. We will help your online store to become a leader in its segment!

How can SEO help to grow your business?

According to a popular misconception, all the top positions in the search results are already occupied. So if you are not there, you cannot get there. But this is only a stereotype! The position of your business in the Google search results depends on how much effort you put into your SEO.

We will help you reach top Google search positions in a rather short time and with reasonable expenses. That should help you to raise your brand awareness, expand your customer base and increase your conversions. You will start to make more sales and your revenue will grow.

How do we work?

First, we will discuss your needs and preferences. You will inform us about your goals and we will offer ways of achieving them. Second, we will sign a contract. Then, we will stick to the following scheme.

  1. Audit your business niche and competitors
  2. Develop a custom SEO strategy for your Shopware business
  3. Implement the above-mentioned strategy and carry out page speed optimization

We work fast and infallibly meet all the deadlines. All the stages of the process will be highly transparent. You will be able to track each step that we make and understand its essence.

How can page speed optimization boost your sales?

Page speed optimization is a crucial factor that drives your sales. Just as SEO, it enables your site to land a higher position in Google rating.

Plus, the quicker your site works, the more time customers will spend on it. They will be more likely to explore your catalog of goods and/or services and purchase something.

If, on the contrary, your site loads slowly, users might leave it even before they see the contents of the main page. Not all of your potential clients have high-speed Internet. To be able to sell more products, you should cater to the widest possible audience.

Who are we?

Our company is based in Eastern Europe but we are ready to work with clients from anywhere in the world. We have been specializing in eCommerce projects and marketing since 2012. Our team members are skilled experts in Shopware, Magento and WordPress. We know inside out PHP and JS frameworks, ERM and ERP systems, API and GIS development. Also, we can carry out manual and automated testing QA & AQA.

We are proud to say that clients who have already used our services leave overwhelmingly positive reviews about us and eagerly recommend us to their acquaintances.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We will be glad to consult you and build an optimal strategy for your Shopware business.

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