Magento code audit

Magento 2 code audit is for e-commerce owners with a Magento website who want to ascertain the quality of the code before and after launching their website. It is also for e-commerce owners whose website has not been functioning optimally. It is required to ensure the safety of an e-commerce website and ensure that customer data is not accessed by cybercriminals. Magento code audit diagnoses errors and other malfunctions in your system and fixes them before they cause issues for your e-commerce website and the customers. Code audit unmasks the essence of your e-commerce website.

Why You Need Magento Code Review

  • To ensure that your website is functioning with the latest Magento updates.
  • Your website is not fully secured, there are absent security patches. To also check the security of the hosting environment.
  • To sort extensions, remove those that are not required and update the ones that are required.
  • To make sure your website was developed according to the Magento guidelines.
  • To check why the administrators’ performance is slow
  • Magento code review is necessary for checking out why fewer transactions (sales) are being carried out on your website.
  • To note the general health of your Magento store.

What Do You Get?

  1. Security:the security code audit is complete and consists of extensions, core changes, and documents. It offers different payment settings, administrative accounts, and gives a demo on the symptoms to expect when there is hacking in progress. It also reviews the security patches. The hosting environment is also assessed.
  2. Performance:assess and enhance e-commerce website performance starting with parts that can be easily seen. There is an improvement in the time of response, use of compression, third-party problems, and other issues. The user experience provided is exceptional and makes different segments of the website friendly like product information, product design, site navigation, responsiveness, and consistency. Core Magento application issues are analyzed like cross-browser compatibility, and server configuration.
  3. Health:extensions, database, modules, themes, core edits all contribute to the health of the website. In the health code audit, the developer checks the Magento core cold to monitor any external edits, and repetitions that are bad and cause problems. Optimization of CSS/JS/XML are carried out. Bottlenecks are identified and suggestions on developments are supplied. The code audits check for problems with migration updates and other problems that can emerge.

All the information received from the audit review is adequately documented and suggestions are provided on how to solve this or you can meet our developers to solve the revealed problems.

Magento Code Audit Process

To get started with your Magento code audit, follow this process:

  1. Leave an application: Let your application contain the requirements for your website and other problems that have been encountered.
  2. The sales manager will contact you: The sales manager will contact you to get more information about your e-commerce website.
  3. An estimate will be provided based on requirements: the amount based on the stated requirements will be given and our certified developers will begin to work on your website.

Who we are

IT Delight’s core focus lies in E-commerce and Magento development since 2012. Our philosophy is not about one time issues work like update security patch or fix some checkout issue, whatever, it’s about creating the whole development strategy for the business growth, including ideas regarding improving usability, UI logic, determine the lamest places in your store, etc. It’s about complex issues we are facing day-by-day to help create the new strategy for online growth and reach out the brand new level of their revenue – that`s what we made of.

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