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When considering running an online store, you should consider Magento. Magento has several features such as flexibility, customization that makes it the go-to option to develop an eCommerce store.

Why Should You Hire a Magento 2 Developer from ITDelight?

We are a certified Magento company and an official Magento partner. Our dedicated expert web developers can work with any eCommerce website’s needs no matter how complex. We are highly knowledgeable about eCommerce and other related disciplines which gives us an edge in eCommerce website development. Communication with our web developers is direct and third parties are not involved, you supervise the development process from start to finish and this will make sure your Magento website meets and exceeds your expectations. We also make sure the developed website is according to your requirements and we follow Magento protocols in ensuring that your website functions flawlessly. Magento developers from ITDelight provide top-notch websites.

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Our process consist of three main steps

step 1

Send requirements:

you tell us what your eCommerce website needs.

step 2

Contact the sales manager:

our customer services contacts you to acknowledge the receipt of your request and confirm other specific needs you may have when hiring a Magento 2 developer.

step 3

Developer’s interview:

the developer’s CV is sent to you and communication is established via call or email. You personally ensure that the programmer you choose to hire has the skill set you need.

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