Extension Development

We offer custom development for modules and extensions in Magento 1 and 2. We understand that different businesses have different needs, thus the Magento 2 extension development is created in line with your business goals. Our team spends time noting what your business requires and then works around it to make sure the front end and back end extensions development produces an amazing e-commerce website that has beautiful features and brings in more sales. Our Magento 2 modules and Magento 2 extensions are simple and provide customers with a great user experience which increases sales.

When You Need Magento Plugin Development

Magento plugin development services offer efficient means to make inventory, manage products, sort orders, and organize product advertisements and customers.

How We Handle Magento Module Development

Module development in Magento 2 needs to be meticulously developed thus ensuring that transactions on your e-commerce store occur seamlessly and gives your e-commerce store flexibility. We start with your directory structure, add the module file, a registration file before we finally install the module. To get your module, follow the following process:

  1. Leave an application:Submit an application with requirements for your e-commerce and other features you would like to see on your website.
  2. The sales manager will contact you shortly:Our sales manager will reply to your application shortly after and let you know what is required next.
  3. An estimate based on your requirement:You will receive a quote based on what your website requires.
  4. Extensions development and testing:Your extensions will be developed and tested afterward. We provide access, security (SSH), an admin module, and a database.
  5. Guarantee:Extensions are delivered with a 14-day guarantee and continuous support from our team of developers.

What Do You Get?

  • New module after the agreement: after an agreement has been reached, new modules are created with custom development. New modules can also be developed using Magento 1.9 module development plan.
  • Guarantee support: be rest assured that your extensions /modules /plugins will be delivered within 14 days. This is because our developers know the terrain and the process required to generate an extension.
  • Documentation from Developers: Our development company consists of developers who know all there is to about Magento 2 module development and we follow all the protocols provided by Magento and ensure that the process of developing the extensions and the core files are in one piece and do not go Also, we let you know all the steps that are carried out with the development of your extension for accountability.

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