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An ecommerce website is the foundation of your online business. It can either make or break your convertions and affects your bottom line. Here at IT Delight we understand the importance of using the latest technology to make your website responsive, custom, and agile. We combine website design services with years of experience to create a solution that perfectly matches every project.

  • Online marketplaces

    Website design depends on the needs of marketplace owners, sellers, and clients. We create solutions that match the unique requirements of your project.

  • Online multistores

    Selling products worldwide means that you need to adjust your online store to the new markets. We help you to course correct configuration and management of multiple languages and catalogs.

  • B2B marketplaces

    Ecommerce website design agencies, IT Delight, in particular, helps you to personalize the experience of customers and streamline workflows between different companies and buyers.

  • B2C marketplaces

    With an accessible user interface and personalization you make sure that the customers aren’t scared away from your website. We will also help you to analyze the market and target audience to figure out the best way to approach your customers and gain more conversion.


ecommerce website design company
  • Topical ecommerce design

    You don't need your visitors to get scared away by the outdated look of your website, right? If the interface doesn't feel right, chances are, your visitors will just go for something else with a more modern look. Before working on the website, our developers will do research and create a design that matches with expectations of your target audience.

    • Analyzing the target audience
    • Researching solutions of the competitors
    • Using custom illustrations
    • Minimizing clutter
    • Creating easy-to-read content and easy-to-use interfaces
  • "Fully functional ecommerce design "

    Our developers make sure that your website has all the sections and details for the customer to purchase a product. And for you to regularly update the products' catalogs and make the necessary changes. Like an offline store, the visitor can browse through the items, choose what they need, order it, and pay for the purchase. And you can manage and control all the orders.

    • "Receive requests & orders "
    • Process orders
    • Charge customers' cards
    • Update & manage product catalog
    • Add shopping cart
  • SEO-friendly ecommerce design

    "What’s good if your website is engaging and clear, but it doesn't rank well on search engines? Design has everything to do with SEO, and we’ll make sure that your online store outranks your competitors. "

    • Responsive design
    • Targeted keywords
    • Optimized images
    • Proper content structure
    • Internal links
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Key features to look out for

When discussing the design of your future website, there are a few details you need to pay special attention to. Ask the ecommerce website design agencies how they are going to approach these factors to find the one that complies with your requirements.

  • Streamlined navigation

    Customers won’t stay on your website without intuitive and logical navigation for long. If visitors have problems accessing products or services, they won’t wait and go for the proper working website with accurate navigation. Consider the following features that are critical for website navigation.

    • "Streamlined navigation bar
    • White spaces
    • Navigation is in touch with business priorities
    • Call to action buttons
    • 100% responsive design"
  • Call to action

    Ultimately, your customers have to leave the website after making a purchase. Your call to action detail has to be noticeable yet subtle, so visitors don't feel like they are being forced to buy an item. It also has to be clean-cut and simple, with such words as Buy, Sign Up, Download, etc.

    • "Placed on the highly visible part of the page
    • Located next to the item it is related to
    • Made distinctive with color or contrast
    • Clean-cut and straightwforward"
  • Live chat

    If you have enough resources, live chat is the best way to keep in touch with the visitors. Everyone wants to get feedback, but calling via phone is the relict of the past, and reaching via email isn't quite convenient. Meanwhile, accessing the store's support via live chat reassures the visitors and allows solving their problems quickly.

    • "Integrated inbox to communicate with the clients through social media, messengers, and email
    • Knowledge base
    • FAQ for chatbox
    • Chat history
    • Video/audio calls"
  • Customer reviews

    Social proof, or in other words, customer reviews, is the best way to convince your visitors that your business is legit and turn them into customers. Make sure that visitors can easily access reviews and encourage customers to leave reviews as well.

    • "Review page integrated in your website
    • Reviews connected with the products being reviewed
    • Reviews categorized by the positive and negative comments, and the most/least popular ones "

Your products are the key

  • High-quality photos

    High-quality and attractive photos that are optimized for page load is what will catch the customer's eyes. Think for yourself, you wouldn't want to buy items that even on the photos look poor, right? Your customer have to be ale to properly visually examie an item before purchasing.

  • Product catalog

    Product catalog is one of the lead factors of customer conversion. It's a detalied document that displays all availale items in the store. Catalog should be thoroughly and clearly organized into categories, so the customers could easily move from one product to another. Organization of the catalog is one of the main factors that influences customer's behavior.

  • Product page

    Clear and engaging product page is a must for conveing value of your products. It's the most basic feature for ecommerce store that will play the key role for customer's decision on whether to buy a product. It should also include sections for top-rated products, items on sale, or related products for further exploration of the website.

Case studies

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FAQs about ecommerce website development

  • What are ecommerce website design services?

    Ecommerce website development services provide you with the required design and development work to create an online website for your business. They can create a store from scratch or work on the existing website. The services usually include design of product pages, payment processes, shopping carts, personal cabinets, etc.

  • What to consider in ecommerce website design?

    There are tons of things to consider when working on the website design, from the design being intuitive and responsive to not overcrowding it with unnecessary details. The most common tips on website design development include keeping it simple, making the content scannable, crafting easy navigation, etc. We say: hire professionals and take care of all these issues altogether.

  • What's responsive design and why should you care for it?

    The use of mobile devices is constantly growing. When a person accesses a website from their phone, they should be able to navigate it just as easily as from the laptop. Responsive design ensures it. If the design is responsive, everything will look as it has to, no matter the person's device.

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