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We put together our knowledge of information technology and expertise in ecommerce development to help you bring your business ideas to life. Develop your ecommerce marketplace with the help of your specialists, who use cutting-edge technology and create unique solutions.

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Ecommerce marketplace and business models

Choose the marketplace model that fits your needs in the best way
A wide range of eCommerce marketplaces can be divided by several features. One of them is the choice of pricing model. The right choice of pricing model boosts sales and expands the audience pool. Let’s review some of the most popular methods of money transactions between sellers and customers.


Owners gain a percentage from every sale made on the platform (usually between 5 and 30%).


Sellers pay a certain amount of money regularly for using the marketplace.


There are a set of basic features for free and advanced options for a specific price.
Listing fee

Listing fee

Paying fee when the seller wants to add their name to the marketplace.
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How to build an eCommerce marketplace?

Parts of building an eCommerce marketplace

Custom online marketplace

Choosing this option means that there are no limits in terms of design, logic, features, business model, etc. This is as scalable a solution as it gets. At the same time, it’s the most costly and time-consuming option as well.
  • Substantial initial capital
  • Extensive technical knowledge or hiring a CTO to handle the project
  • Freedom in terms of design and structure
  • Ability to develop a very niche or unusual solution
  • Unlimited scalability

Marketplace SaaS solution

That’s an option for those who don’t have much time and money and need the solution right here and right now. You get a tool to make the platform yourself for a fixed price. That’s a reasonable way to test the business model and research the market.
  • Little flexibility
  • Little to no scalability
  • Need for constant upgrading of the pricing plans
  • No customization, platform very similar to others
  • No room for specific needs or requests

Open Source Software

Such eCommerce platforms like Magento allow creating custom websites, personalizing them to your needs. If hiring an eCommerce marketplace service, you make sure that they will make the most out of the platform. Here at IT Delight we:
  • Researching the big companies in your chosen niche and type of marketplace platform
  • Building up a thought-out ecommerce strategy
  • Evaluating your ecommerce solutions’ effectiveness from usage and management perspectives
  • Creating unique ecommerce solutions to help you engage audiences
  • Adding business-to-customer interactions and entertainment components

Key features for a profitable ecommerce marketplace

Customers and sellers are looking for a simple and convenient-in-use environment to sell and buy products. In such a competitive market, you’ve got to ensure that your solution has certain features that contribute to your marketplace’s simple and easy navigation.

Strong security

Security has to be a priority when working with data processing and handling payment information. Don’t leave cybercriminals a chance and make sure that your solution includes:

  • Different authentication methods
  • SSL certificates
  • PCI compliance
  • Server security (data encryption, web application firewalls, etc.)
  • Audit log


Ratings and reviews are significant contributors to choosing a particular product or item nowadays. Our specialists will make sure to create a clear and transparent system of reviews and ratings both for sellers and customers.

  • Feedback buttons on the website
  • Customer survey in the form of pop-up
  • An incentive for leaving a review or rating
  • Asking for feedback through the live chat
  • Self-selecting customer’s interests

Personal notifications

When it comes to personal notification, it’s necessary to keep the fine balance between being informative and annoying. Our developers will create a thought-out system of notifications regarding seasonal and personal deals, free shipments, etc. Customers will be able to set the notifications based on what is relevant to them.

  • Seasonal sale
  • Updated product catalog
  • Personal deals
  • Special prices
  • Last available items

Accessible support

Without a support system, you will lose loads of inexperienced users who need help with setting up their stores or making purchases. With our team, you will be able to create a proper support system with different options for communication.

  • Live chat support
  • Updated knowledge base
  • Self-service portal
  • Omnichannel communication support
  • Ticketing system

IT Delight Experience with Ecommerce Marketplaces

Years on the market

Working in the eCommerce area for over a decade, our team knows all the ins and outs of eCommerce businesses. We can help you take into consideration all the pitfalls and create the proper eCommerce marketplace that will succeed right from the start.

Use of cutting-edge technology

We use the latest technology and tools to create a solution that will be relevant in today’s quickly-changing market. We also stay with you to keep your solution updated and guarantee its flawless performance at any time.

Custom solution

We couple our eCommerce expertise with the knowledge of information technology to bring your eCommerce solutions where your vendors and customers get a personalized experience. No little details are left unattended with IT Delight.

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FAQs about ecommerce marketplace


What’s an ecommerce marketplace?

It’s an independent platform that connects customers and sellers. Unline an ecommerce store where there’s a single owner; ecommerce marketplaces connect several or many sellers with their goods.

What are the benefits of ecommerce marketplace?

There is a long list of reasons why business owners go for ecommerce marketplaces. To name just a few: they are accessible 24/7, provide more room for international sales, don’t have high marketing costs, and provide more opportunities for finding new business partners.

How to build an ecommerce marketplace?

Building an ecommerce marketplace starts with thorough research and analysis of similar ecommerce platforms and deciding on your unique standpoints. The further process is complex and includes many steps, but the key to success is to choose the right ecommerce marketplace developers who could properly bring your ideas to life.

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