Ecommerce implementation

Ecommerce implementation services

With so many ecommerce stores on the market, it’s essential to stay competitive. How to ensure that? Create a seamless ecommerce experience for your customers. We provide you with tools and expertise for a successful ecommerce implementation.

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Customer-oriented solution to expand your clients’ pool

Outcomes of successful implementation
By putting together our experience and skills in ecommerce and technology, we help you find the best solution for the ecommerce implementation of your business. In this way, your business will grow and expand in the ecommerce market.
Selling products 24/7

Selling products 24/7

Now you don’t depend on the workings days or hours, and your customers can access the store whenever they want.
Lowering costs

Lowering costs

Not only are there no costs on rent or lots of employees, but you also save money on inventory and manufacturing.
Acquiring new customers

Acquiring new customers

You expand the pool of customers to the whole world.
Collecting data

Collecting data

By collecting and analyzing data, you get to course-correct business decisions.
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How implementation affects your customers and sales?

Three parts of customer experience

Customer acquisition

Besides ecommerce development, we provide advisory and assistance to enable customers to reach their business goals. Particularly, the customer acquisition journey requires businesses to constantly widen their customers’ pool and use up-to-date methods to engage the target audience.
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Referral programs
  • Email campaigns

Customer engagement

Customers are looking for instant connection with brands these days, and like to be involved in the businesess’s activities. Part of ecommerce implementation is to create special channels of communications and tools so the audience could be engaged in the process.
  • Multiple social media channels
  • Brand offers
  • Special discounts
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Instant communication

Customer retention

“Having a great product isn’t enough; it’s necessary to make the customers come back for it again. Our ecommerce developers and consultants share their practical recommendations and offer professional assistance to create an environment where your one-time customers turn into regular buyers.
  • Feedback systems
  • Anticipatory services
  • Quick and easy paying process
  • Efficient customer support system
  • Reward or discount system for regular customers

Key steps in ecommerce implementation

The ecommerce implementation journey starts with the first thought of launching an online business and never ends. Here are a few milestones that lead to a successful ecommerce implementation.

Strategic business planning and preparations

To create a successful ecommerce platform, you need to have profound knowledge of digital marketing and information technology. With our team, you will create a strategy that will help reach out to different audiences via multiple devices and channels.

  • Clear vision
  • Measurable mission and objective
  • Time and budget expectancies
  • Identification of the resources
  • Anticipation of constraints and challenges

Selection of appropriate technology and tools

Before building an ecommerce solution, our team will make an in-depth analysis of your business and products, target audiences, and customers. We will utilize our ecommerce experience and knowledge of technologies to figure out the most appropriate technological solution.

  • Analysis of competitors’ websites
  • Segmentation of goods and services
  • Examination of storefront and customer flow
  • Gap analysis
  • Capabilities of ecommerce technologies

Optimization based on the key data

Once the store is up and running, it’s high time for optimization. No one could predict all the details and issues in advance, but once the online business is working, we will be able to spot the minor discrepancies and remove them.

  • General income
  • Expenses on customer acquisition
  • Rate of converted customers
  • Rate of customers entering website via various channels
  • Technical factors like page load speed, the usability of shopping cart etc.

Data analysis and feedback review

To grow sales and expand the business, you need to analyze the business performance and make changes where necessary constantly. We equip you with analytical solutions and tools tuned to ecommerce realities to let quality data drive your ecommerce progress.

  • “What products are the most popular?
  • What pages do people click on first?
  • How many people leave the website straight after visiting?
  • What is the average time spent on the page? “

How to ensure an efficient ecommerce implementation?

Seamless shopping experience

Our ecommerce developers make sure that your customers can easily purchase the items from every page on the website. They don’t need to access additional pages or look for the Buy button for too long, making buying process a few seconds matter.

Focus on personalization

Most customers aren’t interested in getting content that’s not relevant to them. To increase consumers’ interest in your page, our professional will segment the website based on the specific criteria related to your business.

Customer care service

Excellent customer care service is primary for obtaining retaining buyers. To provide top-notch customer care, you need a thought-out system and communication channels. Our team will utilize the right technological tools, so that customer care is the most efficient in your case.

Case Studies

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FAQs about ecommerce implementation


What’s an ecommerce implementation?

Ecommerce implementation is a set of actions that enable you to create an online platform to sell products online 24/7, reach new clients and markets, establish a brand identity online.

What are the musts of successful ecommerce implementation?

For your ecommerce platform to be successful, it needs to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, have a streamlined checkout process. You can ensure all of that with the right technological partner who will take care of these aspects.

Which technology is the best option for ecommerce implementation?

Every business has particular needs that different technological tools and solutions can cover. Our team can help you identify those needs and create a custom solution to cover them all.

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