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E-commerce consulting services

Have a business idea but don’t know how to bring it to life? IT Delight is here for you. We provide ecommerce consulting services to help you reach your digital commerce goals.

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Ecommerce consulting and assistance for a wide range of businesses

Discover how to improve your business strategies and methods
IT Delight is an ecommerce consulting agency that helps businesses to see and fulfill online opportunities. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who work on finding solutions for complex business problems. We will make sure to find the right solution for your company.
Proper customer targeting

Proper customer targeting

How well do you know your customers? That’s the first, and most important question for a business. And with us you will find the right answer.
Launching and maintaining advertising campaigns

Launching and maintaining advertising campaigns

Learn how to run a proper ad that would work for your business and attract new customers. Creating and launching a successful ad campaign is a hard task, but it’s only part of the deal. You will also learn how to monitor the ad’s performance and make the necessary adjustments.
Navigating business development opportunities

Navigating business development opportunities

We will offer you an outside perspective of your business and suggest additional business opportunities. We will search for courses, certifications, and partnerships together to rig your ecommerce business on a new level.
Estimating costs and expenses

Estimating costs and expenses

Properly calculating your costs and expenses is one of the keys for running a successful business long-term. Let’s take a look at your financial plan.
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Make rational business decisions with IT Delight and foster your ecommerce growth

Types of eCommerce consulting

Business process analysis

While you may have a bunch of ideas and suggestions regarding how to set up your online store, there’s much more to consider. Let’s take a look at that:
  • Providing business analysis of existing and future ecommerce solutions
  • Assessing your ecommerce solutions’ effectiveness from usage and management standpoints
  • Selecting optimal ecommerce solutions to help you enter new markets or attract new audiences
  • Identifying alternative sales opportunities for business
  • Building up an IT-centric ecommerce strategy

Design and planning advisory

Once you figured out your business strategy, it’s time to bring it to life. We will help you with the following:
  • Research & analysis of target audience
  • Identification of budget needs
  • Exploration of the solution’s architecture and structure
  • Design & plan of ecommerce and IT roadmap
  • Assess of user experience through typical user journeys

Ecommerce technology counseling

There are lots of modern technologies and we’ll help you with:
  • Looking for technological solution that matches your business needs
  • Identifying perfect ecommerce platform
  • Reviewing possible cloud server solutions
  • Checking up ecommerce security, including authentication mechanisms, sensitive data processing, ordering and payment mechanisms
  • Testing the solution’s overall performance and stability

Customer-oriented approach

On the market of ecommerce consulting companies, IT Delight strives not only to evaluate and analyze your digital presence, but also to assist you in setting up and effectively managing your business online.


Today, you should provide your customers with an opportunity to access your online store not only from a laptop, but from mobile devices as well. We can either help you to introduce mobile functionality from scratch or improve existing solutions.

  • Single-step registration
  • Advanced mobile search options
  • Mobile ordering
  • Multiple payments methods
  • Quick checkout

IOT-driven eCommerce

It’s time to take your business on the next level and take advantage of modern technology. How exactly? We will help you to get the best out of advanced shopping opportunities and optimize your ecommerce program with your own network of connected devices. We couple our ecommerce expertise with the knowledge of IoT rules to bring your ecommerce solutions where your customers are and make your sales deeply personalized.

  • IoT solutions for instant purchases
  • Custom ecommerce applications
  • Remote assessment of products and items
  • Automated inventory and warehouse management
  • Improved tracking and logistics

AI-powered customer service

Properly utilizing AI allows you to predict shopping patterns, make personalized offers, and increase revenue through a more custom approach. We will guide you through different displays of AI in ecommerce application development and help decide on the most relatable AI approach.

  • Chatbots and other virtual assistants
  • Intelligent product recommendations
  • AI personalization in ecommerce
  • Inventory management
  • Beacons, location-based marketing

Ecommerce analytics

We will help you gather all the data from all the areas that have an impact on your business, and analyze it to make data-driven decisions. You’ll be surprised how the knowledge of big data can help in understanding trends and predicting shifts in consumer behavior.

  • Measuring effectiveness of ad and sales campaigns
  • Evaluating trends and patterns in data to accurately forecast
  • Optimizing pricing, up-sell, and inventory
  • Using customer data to create individualized experiences
  • Advanced reporting to reshape your offerings in line with customers’ expectations

What does IT Delight offer you?

Vast experience

Working with so many clients from different industries, we learned what works and what does not. No matter what your business is: print on demand stores or clothing stores, we know how such types of businesses work. So, by applying all the previous knowledge and closely analyzing your business, we will come up with a unique solution that works for you.

Clear communication

We will analyze your business, and provide you with critical information regarding establishing or updating your online presence. Don’t worry, we will not overwhelm you with loads of information or complicated terms.

Measurable results

We focus on bringing results to the clients who seek our services. Check our multiple case studies to see for yourself how effective our work is. Also, we will establish goals for our cooperation from the very beginning, to ensure visibility of results of our work.

Case Studies

Our latest projects

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FAQs about ecommerce consulting


What’s an ecommerce consultant?

Ecommerce consultant is a professional that offers you knowledge and advice regarding ecommerce and leading online business. They help clients with everything from market research and ad strategies to optimizing user experience.

Why do you need ecommerce consulting?

There’s a long list of benefits of ecommerce consulting. To name just a few: gaining insight and outside opinion on the business to deliver better customer experience, improving workflow, discovering new sales opportunities. asically, you need ecommerce consulting because no matter how well you know your market or your opportunities, it’s always better to consult with the specialists who work in the field and can point out unexplored angles for you.

Why is IT Delight your ideal ecommerce consulting agency?

IT Delight is an ecommerce consulting company with more than 10 years of experience on the market. We’ve worked with businesses from various fields, providing them with full support of their online representation. We not only know all the ins and outs of ecommerce, ut also

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