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Need to Grow or Migrate your e-Commerce Site… Think MAGENTO2

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    So you are successfully selling products online.  You are managing your e-commerce business well.  You are growing rapidly, actually faster than expected.  Your suppliers are awesome, and the entire logistics chain is working well.  However, your website is slow at times.  Customers complain about slow loads.  As time go by your website loads slower and slower.  Sometimes your website freezes, many visitors load up their cart but leave unable to checkout promptly.  Or perhaps your site is working now, but you know you need to scale and act with agility and flexibility because you want to grow.  You know that if you expand marketing and advertisement your website is going to creating bottlenecks for you.  You definitely do not want customers to leave without completing their purchases.  Well, it is time for you to leave the training wheels behind, it is time for you to migrate to MAGENTO2!

    You need to move forward and give your customers total flexibility, ease of use, and a wonderful frictionless shopping experience.  Whether it is B2B or B2C MAGENTO2 is here to solve those issues and let you focus on what you do best to grow your business.  MANGENTO2 is uniquely developed to do just that with stylish front-end templates, or if you prefer with the ability to customize your front-end facade to make it distinctively yours.  Not to mention the backend where you will be able to manipulate categories of products and group them by any attribute you tell us to crate and establish.  You will be able to have access to up to the minute statistics and know everything you need to know about your customers, so you can anticipate needs and continue to grow your business.  Hand in hand with categories, you will be able to add new exciting products and edit the particular attributes of each product.  Additionally, we will be able to remove discontinued products and created great current catalogs for you and your customers.  Yes, MAGENTO2 is the right solution for you.  

    There are many other e-commerce platforms in the market, and with many of them there is a steep learning curve.  Or if you are migrating from Magento1 you may want to just go at alone or in-house without any help from professionals.  However, that could create a problem, delays and website downtimes which are totally unnecessary, and in the end become extremely expensive.  Therefore, it is always best to hire an agency with a track record of experience, on-time delivery and exceptional quality.  We the professionals of IT Delight are a team of dedicated professionals willing and ready to help you.  We are a MAGENTO2 Certified Agency, with a five star rating on Clutch.

    If you use solutions like Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce or others and you finally realize that those solutions are not solutions at all, but instead problem, and bottleneck creation systems, then you know it is time to migrate to MAGENTO2.

    MAGENTO2 is the best solution because of its flexibility, with many out of the box functionalities, not to mention the multiple payment gateways, and its adaptability for use with mobile and cloud base platforms.

    So do not wait any longer, you know it is time to migrate and expand.  Do not keep your customers waiting.  Contact us for a free consultation.

    We the professionals at IT Delight are willing, ready and able to help you with your e-Commerce needs, lets’ talk solutions!  Since being established in 2012, IT Delight has been focused on e-commerce solutions using Magento/Magento2 development.  Our unique philosophy always revolves around crafting a comprehensive, scalable, all inclusive, development strategy for your business.  We focus on your business needs; to create a new strategy for online growth by deploying specific customized solutions unique to your specific requirements.


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