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Magento Website Design Services

Amaze, engage and convert your clients at a glance with a custom-built responsive Magento design. IT Delight offers advanced, full-featured Magento website design solutions to breathe life into your products that feel real, attractive and effortless to buy.

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Our Magento website design aiming to succeed in the eCommerce market

Parts of website design process
IT Delight examines and conceives your ideas, starting from scratch. We identify your strengths and weaknesses if any affecting the growth of your business. Our eCommerce experts will focus on your business’s performance boost. A full investigation is necessary for launching an effective website design process.
Getting your idea

Getting your idea

Collecting as much information as possible, we will create an action plan to bring your idea to life or enhance your condition with our customized eCommerce solutions.
Create a prototype

Create a prototype

IT Delight will estimate fast the element positioning, their relationship and functioning. Our experts will target the interface elements, the content arrangement as well as the navigational system to achieve your unique business needs.
UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Once the final wireframes are accepted, IT Delight eCommerce experts will create a unique design solution that will promote your business growth. We will make sure that all settings will be advantageous for your clients, helping in moving ahead with your eCommerce solution
Magento E-Commerce Website Development

Magento E-Commerce Website Development

IT Delight begins the Magento website development step promptly after the planning phase is completed in order to set up a beneficial process. At this stage, the front-end and back-end developers work together in developing high-performance scalable Magento websites to inspire your eCommerce experience.
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Is Magento web design important?

Promoting striking & smooth digital experiences

Ensuring Convenience

Magento is one of the best-known platforms for new websites across the globe. Ensuring User convenience, it provides everything needed to create all types of top-notch websites from a small personal blog to an eCommerce powerhouse.
  • Feature-rich & Robust Platform
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Quick Loading
  • Flexible Content Management
  • Custom-made

Increase Sales

IT Delight helps your Magento solution promotes its sales, enhancinging your prospective customers interaction with your site pages and time-limited deals, ensuring the buyers are engaged.
  • Upselling, Cross-Selling, and Bundling Products
  • Fostering User-Generated Content
  • Notifications about recent sales
  • Unique product syncronization
  • Customer feedback included

Building Brand Trust

IT Delight will ensure building relationships with your customers, providing your prospective buyers the interaction with your site pages and time-limited deals, ensuring they do not abandon their purchases.
  • Recent Sales Notifications
  • Driving to proceed a quicker checkout
  • User-centric content
  • Involved Customer Feedback
  • Enhance Customers’ Journey

IT Delight Magento Website Design Services

It Delight as a Magento website design company provides everything needed to create custom top-notch eCommerce solutions from scratch based on your specific business needs. Whether you want to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or reach us with a concept, IT Delight will create a desirable website design considering smooth usability and user experience.

Magento UI/UX design

When it comes to eCommerce businesses, apart from enhancing the range of goods and advancing customer service, entrepreneurs have to provide top-notch user experience, in order to retain clients and stay ahead of the challenging competition.

  • Simple & Intuitive Navigation
  • Fast and easy-to-use store optimization
  • Optimized easy site search
  • Promote actions on the site
  • Responsive design

Magento theme customization

A personalized Magento theme satisfies the customer needs by deploying designs understanding the unique business needs. IT Delight experts deliver an exceptional modern solution based on custom Magento design. We convert your eCommerce website into a functional, user-friendly and scalable one, revealing your business identity through customization.

  • Functionality meets your specific requirements
  • Brand matching style
  • Access to the design files for a simple management
  • Driving more traffic to the store

Responsive Magento design

IT Delight offers help in making your sites quickly accessible on iOS, Android and Windows devices, delivering an interactive user experience and therefore increasing traffic to the website. Responsive design is a significant approach to enhancing the quality of your website’s content, with reduced efforts and time on maintenance.

  • Improving brand reputation
  • Providing a comfortable User Experience
  • Flexible site management
  • Increased invisibility
  • Higher conversion rates

Magento website redesign

A redesign can contribute substantially to ranking boost and increase consumer trust and brand consistency. IT Delight designers can correct issues of the past and bring into focus what will help you succeed. We will easily refresh your online store, for you to get an updated eCommerce website that will shift the focus from your rivals and exactly inside your shopping cart.

  • Meet your business goals along the Magento Website Design journey
  • Monitoring Magento Website Design changes
  • Establishing complex categories set ups
  • Ensuring your Magento Website is conversion-friendly

Why IT Delight for Magento website design

Efficient Communication

Efficient communication plays a key role in the success or failure of any web design project. To drive sales and inspire visitors doing business with you, to ensure a positive (UX) experience, IT Delight establishes daily or weekly voice and video meetings with a Project Manager or the whole dedicated team when developing a web project, confirming its success.

Design as a teamwork

Magento website design often requires the involvement of multiple experts to upgrade the process and lead to better results. IT Delight has a team of designers with diverse views and skills you need to successfully complete the project. With IT Delight you will get a team that is aimed at a common goal, achieving more by collaborating together.

Reliable partner

IT Delight has been providing top-quality custom Magento website design and development services since 2012, highlighting our customer’s satisfaction and delivering our best. We will tackle any possible issue or challenge that can arise during full-cycle expert tailored software development, ensuring your eCommerce solution achieves success and takes your business to new levels.

Case Studies

Our latest projects

11 Rooms | Magento Design & Development


Zolota Kraina | Magento Migration & Speed Optimization

1 year
Request A Sample’ System Expanded Carrier Options Mailgun Integration

Aphid Consulting | Magento Commerce Cloud Development

July 2020 – Currently ongoing
Our team of Magento 2 certified developers customized Magento Commerce Cloud to the client’s requirements and integrated it with multiple operational systems

Germany-based Company | Magento B2B Development

August 2021 – present
Our client is a Germany-based company that offers software solutions and services for the MEP design.

Germany-based Company | Magento Development

June 2021 – present
Our client is a Germany-based company that offers goods for house decorating.

Germany-based Company | Magento Migration & Magento Development

Approx. 6 months
Our client is a Germany-based company that offers a large spectrum of packaging goods, packaging consulting, design in CAD, and postal funds.

Trauring Spezialisten | Magento Migration & Speed Optimization

One month
To speed up the client’s Magento 2-based store, we implemented lazy loading, optimized fonts, CSS & JS, removed unused modules, and applied other techniques.
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FAQs about Magento Website Development

What is Magento Website Design?
Magento website design is the process of creating a user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for Magento online stores. IT Delight is a leading website design agency that creates innovative and attractive websites boosting your conversion rates and maximising ROI to help your eCommerce solution stands out amongst the competitors.
What is Custom Magento Design?
Magento eCommerce website design is customized especially to your demands. Although Magento provides attractive ready-made design themes that could be directly installed on your website, refreshing your online solution. However, they lack personalization, with basic layout elements they won’t promote your store as a number one go-to choice for online shopping. To create a tailor-made store design with all the functionality you need to look for a unique and business-specific design that boosts user engagement prospectives better revenues.
Why do I need Magento website design services?
Magento is an excellent platform with feature-rich functionality, it helps eCommerce businesses to sell online. A customized Magento web design can satisfy your target audience and significantly increase brand promotion, automatically generating more sales. An engaging and well-developed Magento web design with the best performance and speed gives you a significant advantage over your competitors. Moreover, Magento is the most secure platform, ensuring customers’ sensitive data is highly protected. Magento web design services are the best option eCommerce sector.

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