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Magento Support and Maintenance Services

IT Delight provides Magento support and website maintenance services to ensure its trouble-free performance and a smooth experience for your business. Enjoy your business and delve into new prospects while we implement store improvements, preventing possible revenue loss and driving your growth.

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Our Magento Support and Maintenance Service

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Magento support services offer urgent fixes to website performance and ensure it's always up and running smoothly. With efficient service, you will get technical assistance whenever you need it, enhancing the quality and richness of your business. IT Delight provides proficient and prompt Magento support and maintenance services, delivering you the following:

  • Magento Website Support and Maintenance

    Our Certified Magento Developers provide Magento website support and maintenance services to meet the needs of retailers who await an expert Magento team to regularly upgrade their eCommerce solution and monitor its performance and security.

  • Magento Emergency support

    eCommerce website breakdowns might lead to losses of revenue and client’s trust. IT Delight proficient Magento support team is always available to troubleshoot your website issues, providing your customers with hassle-free eCommerce experience with your Magento solution.

  • Magento Security Support

    Our Magento support services will keep your website protected and updated against any potential digital threats, meeting the must security requirements of Magento, including code review, suggestions, and further development.

  • Website Performance Optimization

    IT Delight will help effectively run your Magento website upgraded, flexible, available, and highly secured with our Magento support and maintenance services. We offer thoroughly arranged benefits to fulfil the Magento websites demands in advance.

Benefits of Magento Support and Maintenance

with IT Delight
  • Ongoing Magento Support Services

    IT Delight Magento experts offer a custom and prompt support to keep online businesses running smoothly, successfully and hassle-free. We support you all the time, identifying current or potential issues, troubleshooting them, and ensuring your solution is upgraded and run constantly without disruption or downtime.

    • Well-established internal workflow
    • Performance enhancement
    • Code review & optimization
    • Magento extension & feature updates
    • Troubleshooting
  • Certified Magento Professionals

    Our Magento Certified Developers meet all highest demands of Magento projects, tackling your business needs and customers' expectations. We deliver top-level assistance with any bug-fixing, upgrades, development issues, build new features, and everything in between. Our professionals will ensure that your website always remains up to date, fast, secure and scalable, leveraging the best results.

    • Magento Expert
    • Vast experience in Magento and eCommerce
    • Full suite of Magento support
    • Cross-device and functional bug fixing
    • Technical Improvements
  • Security Maintenance

    IT Delight can ensure that all your security checks and patches are updated against unwanted bugs, thieves, and potential risks. Regular security support services will eliminate any potential risk of data loss and external invaders. We will check the current security condition of your website to maintain its high level ever since, ensuring it’s safe for your visitors.

    • Installation of security patches
    • Security maintenance
    • Malware scans & analysis
    • Setting user permissions
    • Adding two-factor authentication
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IT Delight Magento Support and Maintenance Process

IT Delight aims to drive best results, ensuring the entire support cycle is complete and hassle-free. We develop a decent support tactic, knowing your business organization structure, challenges it faces and goals it targets. Below are the critical steps of our Magento technical support and maintenance process.

  • Assessmnet of your eCommecrce Magento StoreContent

    IT Delight is dedicated to ensuring that all maintenance problem is fixed to your satisfaction. Our Magento support team examines your issue and offers you with an accurate assessment of what remains to be done and time you need.

    • Backend and control panel assets
    • Meeting every demand of the support you need
    • Resolving poor optimization or lack of features
    • Delivering you the best support services
    • Ensure your NDA
  • Code Review

    Making sure that visitor gets interested in your products is only half of the deal. It takes months and multiple orders for the customer to develop brand loyalty and advocate for them. Security of customers' data is one of the key factors that affect their trust and loyalty since the customers have to share their banking details when making the order.

    • Use all the necessary certificates and practices to ensure the safety of your client's data. Here at IT Delight, we couple our ecommerce expertise with the knowledge of security standards to bring your ecommerce solutions where your customers' information is protected.
  • Quickly changing market

    The ecommerce landscape is a quickly changing environment. The changes can come from anywhere: political situations in different countries or the latest technological developments. If you can't predict its evolution and changes, you won't be able to stay afloat. Meaning, losing profits and your market share to the competitors.

    • Make sure to have specialists with different expertise and skills in the team. In this way, you can conduct cross-research and predict the direction of the problems. Our team of professionals can help you consider and analyze the market from different angles.
  • Lack of skilled specialists

    Quite often, businesses start their work with a small team of employees who try to be the heroes that save the day. They perform multiple tasks, even those that require special or exclusive knowledge and skills. Or else, they recruit people unfit for the work that needs to be done.

    • As your business grows, grow your team. Cover all the blindspots of the business, outsource when needed, and don't be afraid to involve new people for advice and outside perspective. We can help you spot out the business's pain points and create a strategy for continuous improvement and development.

Principles of effective ecommerce management

  • Ecommerce management software use

    Automate the processes whenever possible. Automation saves your time and money and allows focusing on more complex issues and challenges. Use ecommerce management software to ensure the growth of your business.

  • Regulated workflows

    Create a single channel for communication between employees and partners involved in the business. In this way, you will make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the work processes. With us, all of your ecommerce-related issues will be handled by the same team of professionals.

  • Adherence to main goals

    Keep in mind your main goals, and remember that every decision you make needs to contribute to those goals. If you need an ecommerce manager who will take care of all ecommerce-related issues, trust IT Delight, an ecommerce management company that can handle all ecommerce trouble at once.

Case studies

Our latest projects

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    DURATION 3 year
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  • PROJECT Zolota Kraina
    DURATION 4 year
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    PROJECT Magento Commerce Cloud Development
    DURATION 2 year
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FAQs about ecommerce management

  • What's an ecommerce management?

    Ecommerce management is a sum-up of all the processes performed so the online business would run smoothly and properly. It involved things from website development and maintenance to marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • What are the main challenges of ecommerce management?

    Ecommerce management challenges grow proportionally with the growth of the ecommerce market. They include increased competition, fight for customer attention and loyalty, quickly changing market, security issues, etc.

  • What's the role of ecommerce specialist to the business?

    There is a wide variety of ecommerce specialists who hold a vital role in the success of the online business. For instance, website developers ensure that your website is user-friendly and responsive, while SEO specialists ensure it ranks high on search engines.

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