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Magento Extension Development

Boost your Magento store experience with Magento extensions developed by IT Delight Magento Certified experts. We offer custom development for modules and extensions in Magento 2. We understand that every business has unique needs, thus the Magento 2 extension development is created to specifically target your demands.
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What’s special in Magento Extension Development?

Upgrade and boost your business with Magento extensions
Drive growth and benefit from the rich functionality of your online store with Magento custom extension development. IT Delight Magento 2 modules and Magento 2 extensions are simple, yet elegant, providing all the functionalities required to create and enhance your eCommerce solution with a great user experience that drastically increases sales.
User Experience

User Experience

The success of the e-commerce store relies on the user experience and the features available. Enhance the shopping journey on your web store with Magento extensions, delivering a robust customer experience.
Reach to a wider audience

Reach to a wider audience

The digital world went far beyond the geography limits enabling eCommerce businesses to provide worldwide coverage and an excellent chance of global market expansion. Magento supports multi-language features, connecting your store with customers worldwide quickly and easily.
Full Customization

Full Customization

IT Delight’s Magento Custom Extension Development services offer fully customized features, functionalities and services providing your business with robust solutions for your customers, to boost customer satisfaction, increase sales, and improve and improve website performance.
Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports

Get a better chance to monitor, transform and supervise your business with advanced customizable reports. Analytical data from customers, orders, sales, and products on a routine basis are faster resolved, supporting greatly store owners.
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Magento Extension Development Company Services

Foster growth and leverage the full functionality of your store

Magento Extension Development

Whether you want a basic extension or complex involved marketplace development, our team will ensure your front-end and back-end extensions development delivers an engaging eCommerce website that has not only attractive features but also drives the conversion rate.
  • Extensions development and testing
  • Magento extension fixing
  • Documentation from developers
  • Magento extension integration
  • Guarantee support

Custom Magento Extension Development

Create a powerful, feature-rich custom Magento eCommerce solution that meets specific business needs and objectives, contributing to business growth. With IT Delight’s custom Magento extensions, our customers always keep up with the changing market demands, having an advantage over their competitions.
  • Magento extensions align with your requirements
  • Extension maintenance
  • Payment Gateway
  • Magento extension compatibility check
  • One Step Checkout

Magento 2 Extension Development

IT Delight is an expert team of Magento 2 extension developers know everything about Magento 2 module development. We follow all the protocols provided by Magento and ensure that Magento 2 extension development process and the core files are integral and consistent.
  • Magento extension upgrade
  • QA and Testing
  • Post-development support
  • Magento 2 certified developers with years of experience
  • Proven practices of Magento 2

Magento Extension Development Services with IT Delight

IT Delight’s team of Certified Magento developers is engaged in developing custom Magento extensions, helping our clients to achieve their desired business goals. With such immense expertise and deep knowledge of the Magento, we will streamline the process and boost your sales.

Custom Magento Extension Development

Magento, the most popular eCommerce platform with a full range of features and functions, providing unlimited possibilities for online business growth. However, if it’s not enough to target all your business goals, with Magento custom extension development you can extend and add new features to your solution.

  • Enhance the basic platform’s functionality
  • Bring new business ideas to life by expanding existing features
  • Provide innovative shopping experience with creation of a unique functionality from scratch

Magento Extension Implementation & Maintenance

Get the most of IT Delight’s Magento implementation and maintenance service to tackle your technical issues and conflicts, reducing loading time on Magento. We will step up your business to the highest performance level promptly, providing your platform with the latest updates and new technical Magento features to ensure your website is bug-free and highly secured, preventing low customer satisfaction

  • Avoid issues and provide troubleshoot
  • Magento extensions that are tested & function properly
  • Get recommendations for better performance

Professional Extension Development Company

IT Delight has been developing Magento and Magento 2 extensions for more than 10 years. We help our clients to successfully respond to market needs and to expand online. Don’t lose your chance, let’s develop a robust eCommerce solution with a variety of features to target your specific audience.

  • The best possible quality & compatibility of our extensions
  • Get recommendations for better performance
  • Close collaboration with our customers

Magento Extension Developers

IT Delight Certified Magento extension developers stay tuned with the latest Magento software development updates. We offer our clients benefits and advantages of secure development solutions and services. We will ensure you get ongoing expert Magento support and assure your Magento solution is running persistently.

  • Creating custom-built extension solutions
  • Ensuring top-notch quality development services
  • Proving technical development support

Why IT Delight is the best for Magento Extension Development?

Client-Centric Solutions

IT Delight, having far-reaching experience in Magento extension development, creates a unique eCommerce solution with the ultimate benefits of cooperating and expert quality Magento development support. If you have an idea of extension for your store, we will deliver it fast and efficient.

Technology updated

Magento s systematically releases new updates with new features. Our expert Magento extension development service will promptly upgrade the latest version to explore and adjust with the modifications, not leaving you behind with outdated technology.

Magento Extension Development Experience

IT Delight is a team of Magento Certified developers, web designers, and testers with 10 years of Magento custom development experience. Despite of your project complexity, we will successfully deliver each task by the deadline, assuring you will make the best use of the Magento latest version.

Case Studies

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FAQs about Magento Extension Development

What is Magento extension?
Magento extensions are add-on software modules developed to improve user experience and boost sales conversions. Being highly flexible and scalable, Magento extensions offer every eCommerce businesses to be most beneficial and reach their target market, assisting their store is unique and improved.
What benefits I get from custom Magento extension development?
Magento platform provides multiple benefits. However, every business has its own unique demands that out-of-the-box solutions can’t deliver. Through custom Magento modules, your eCommerce solution is able to provide clients an advanced shopping experience, address to really meet your particular business needs.
How do I hire a developer for Magento extension development?
Submit an application with requirements for your e-commerce and other features you would like to see on your website. Our sales manager will reply to your application shortly after and let you know what is required next. Your extensions will be developed and tested afterward. Extensions are delivered with a 14-day guarantee and continuous support from our team of developers.

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