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IT Delight offers a wide range of eCommerce Magento consulting services, providing efficient solutions to increase revenue & sales conversions. Discover how we can enhance your eCommerce.

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Your gains from Magento consultations with IT Delight

Benefits of working with consultants
Boost your eCommerce with IT Delight’s proficient end-to-end Magento consulting services. We achieve various Magento features since we design, build, migrate and support websites. Our Certified Magento Consultants are always here to empower your business with this expertise, assisting to reach your targets effectively and promptly.
Save time

Save time

IT Delight Magento consulting experts will help to choose the best options your store actually needs, saving your time greatly.
Highest efficiency & flexibility

Highest efficiency & flexibility

IT Delight offers the flexibility to reduce the time to market while establishing long-term customer relationships.
Boost in sales

Boost in sales

Our Magento consults are devoted to maximizing results for your eCommerce journey, by improving Customer Experience or increasing productivity.
Better security

Better security

We provide an improved security check, covering security audit, vulnerabilities evaluation and cyber attack testing.
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Benefits of professional Magento consulting

How authorized solution partner will help changing your business?

Enhanced eCommerce experience

Since customers turn to online shopping, their ambitions for an eCommerce experience keep growing as well. IT Delight helps business entrepreneurs to enhance their eCommerce journey via powerful tools and our technical proficiency to boost confidence and create an effective eCommerce experience.
  • Engaging marketing, promotional, and conversion tools
  • Advanced SEO Capabilities
  • Multilingualism and Multi-currency
  • Enhanced Catalog Management & Browsing
  • Checkout, payment processing, and shipping services

Performance Improvement

Best-designed store providing the top desired products won’t succeed much if it does not engage users. IT Delight will help you to make your eCommerce store much faster with superfast page loads in all conditions. We will provide you with the right solution to deliver the excellent speed and stability required.
  • High performance
  • Mobile-friendly experience
  • Integration is easy
  • Detailed Reporting and Data analysis
  • Continuous fixes and updates

Security Optimization and Strengthening

Being permanently endangered by malicious actors, the security optimization of sensitive data must be of the greatest concern for everyone in the eCommerce sector. IT Delight will help you to implement highly effective security optimization and strengthening solutions.
  • Strong built-in security features
  • Security Checklist
  • Failed Logins & IPs Restrictions
  • Automatic alert emails
  • Action Log

What Magento Consulting Services We Offer

To keep up with global market demands, businesses must leverage full customer insights quickly. Our strong Magento development Consulting services offer the best options for your eCommerce project, delivering top customer-centric and features rich business solutions.

Magento Health Check

Complex and mutual technical elements functioning together ensure your eCommerce store is efficient and profitable. Whether you want to improve or fix problems, Magento Health Check is the best way to detect and troubleshoot online store issues. Our Magento consultants will investigate in depth the total health and daily performance of your site to arrive at immediate solutions related to the possible improvements

  • Magento code structure and quality monitoring
  • Security vulnerabilities alert
  • Hacks to Magneto core structure report
  • Scan of Extensions and conflicts
  • action plan if core is endangered

Extension Consulting

When it comes to effective store performance, selecting and installing Magento extensions is the keynote. IT Delight provides consulting services to help you choose the most advantageous set, tailored to your store’s specific needs. We find out your functional requirements and objectives to fit the existing extension capabilities that boost the performance and adaptivity of your online store, enhancing your business productivity.

  • Custom configuration of Magento extensions set
  • Technical consulting on Magento extensions installation
  • Analysis of user functionality
  • Assessing the data for Magento 2 Migration
  • Estimating custom theme

Magento Migration Consulting

IT Delight Magento consulting experts foster developing an all-inclusive migration strategy to provide a smooth and quick shift to Magento 2 and seamless performance on go-live. We investigate what benefits your business gets with migration and help increase the profits, estimate the revenue, assure your store functioning is not impacted during migration and every possible challenge is determined.

  • All-round review of your existing Magento solution
  • Migration planning
  • Migration cost estimate
  • Robust developer input on extensions and integrations
  • Troubleshooting errors & data losses during Migration

Magento Support & Maintenance

Manage and upgrade your eCommerce solution with our dedicated Magento support team to provide the best user experience. IT Delight encourages you to be updated and ensures the excellent performance of your online store. We help you to fix the smallest malfunctions and enhance the features to ensure your online solution always remains updated, fast, secure, and flexible with the constantly changing requirements of a business.

  • Expert Magento Consulting
  • Magento 2 project planning & Magento website management
  • Dedicated Strategy Implementation
  • Magento 2 Code Audit
  • Project Management

What Makes IT Delight A Reliable Magento Consulting Partner?

Certified Magento Solution Partner

IT Delight provides Magento Consulting Services delivering powerful and trustworthy eCommerce solutions around the world. We are a team of Magento-Certified experts with all-inclusive expertise and a Magento background.

Managed services support

The IT Delight Magento Consulting team is happy to fully support your Magento solution, identifying and fixing any issues with your store, and accelerating your company’s evolution within today’s digital economy.

We love Magento

Do you want to open new horizons? With 10 years of Magento consulting experience, we deliver customized profitable solutions for your digital transformation or boosting Magento-based store performance.

Case Studies

Our latest projects

Zolota Kraina | Magento Migration & Speed Optimization

1 year
Request A Sample’ System Expanded Carrier Options Mailgun Integration

11 Rooms | Magento Design & Development


Aphid Consulting | Magento Commerce Cloud Development

July 2020 – Currently ongoing
Our team of Magento 2 certified developers customized Magento Commerce Cloud to the client’s requirements and integrated it with multiple operational systems

Germany-based Company | Magento B2B Development

August 2021 – present
Our client is a Germany-based company that offers software solutions and services for the MEP design.

Germany-based Company | Magento Development

June 2021 – present
Our client is a Germany-based company that offers goods for house decorating.

Germany-based Company | Magento Migration & Magento Development

Approx. 6 months
Our client is a Germany-based company that offers a large spectrum of packaging goods, packaging consulting, design in CAD, and postal funds.

Trauring Spezialisten | Magento Migration & Speed Optimization

One month
To speed up the client’s Magento 2-based store, we implemented lazy loading, optimized fonts, CSS & JS, removed unused modules, and applied other techniques.
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FAQs about Magento Consulting


Do You need Magento Consulting?

Due to its multifaceted nature, technology is a frequent subject to accidental performance issues. Moreover, recent technologies faster became obsolete. Magento consulting delivers inestimable value on specific issues, solutions, and improvements for an eCommerce website to promote the business, ensuring technology success. IT Delight Magento consulting experts will guide you every step of the eCommerce journey.

The difference between a Magento Developer and Magento Consultant?

Magento developers create, support and improve the eCommerce websites. However, they are not marketers. With Magento consulting services you will receive not only know-how in sales, developing clients funnels and various marketing levels. Getting help from IT Delight Magento consulting experts will lead your eCommerce business to set up Magento properly, boosting your customer experience and the ROI of your online solution, enabling you to get the maximum of the top-notch features from the Magento platform.

Should I use Magento for my eCommerce store?

With eCommerce being such a fast-moving and evolving market, the business has to fit market demands accordingly. Having multiple features and functionalities cheaper compared to other platforms, Magento becomes the top platform for running an eCommerce business. IT Delight provides Magento consulting expert solutions to your eCommerce issues to contemplate every aspect of your project, meeting the best solutions to provide the future hit

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