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The security code audit is complete and consists of extensions, core changes, and documents. It offers different payment settings, administrative accounts, and gives a demo on the symptoms to expect when there is hacking in progress. It also reviews the security patches. The hosting environment is also assessed.


Assess and enhance e-commerce website performance starting with parts that can be easily seen. There is an improvement in the time of response, use of compression, third-party problems, and other issues. The user experience provided is exceptional and makes different segments of the website friendly like product information, product design, site navigation, responsiveness, and consistency. Core Magento application issues are analyzed like cross-browser compatibility, and server configuration.


Extensions, database, modules, themes, core edits all contribute to the health of the website. In the health code audit, the developer checks the Magento core cold to monitor any external edits, and repetitions that are bad and cause problems. Optimizations of CSS/JS/XML are carried out. Bottlenecks are identified and suggestions on developments are supplied. The code audits check for problems with migration updates and other problems that can emerge.

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