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There is no magic button from poor usability, low conversion rate or some brave revenue tricks that bring tonnes of money. And what is the hardest part here is be flexible in any online business your run and adapt to current trends which are constantly changed in the E-commerce market.

A comprehensive approach is always being important and it's always a challenge to find a team not for one-month touch but for long-term interaction to trust all the business in one reliable hands.

That's why IT Delight's core focus lies in E-commerce and Magento development since 2012. Our philosophy is not about one time issues work like update security patch or fix some checkout issue, whatever, it's about creating the whole development strategy for the business growth, including ideas regarding improving usability, UI logic, determine the lamest places in your store, etc. It's about complex issues we are facing day-by-day to help create the new strategy for online growth and reach out the brand new level of their revenue – that`s what we made of.

Finished our first Magento
project - eurovine.de.
Since those experience
we became true wine lovers.


Formation of IT infrastructure
and company departments.


Organisation of internal learning
system for developers. Creation
of Magento brainstorms and
inside office reports.


Gaining our first Certified
developer - Andrey Zabara.


Moving to our new office.
The introduction of a career
development plan for the


+9 Certified developers
on board.


Introduction of continuous
integration and project
deployment system.


Working on developing own
modules: callback
and elastic search.


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