Top 5 Reasons to choose Magento for Your Online Store
Are you trying to find out what the best framework for your e-commerce store? It’s very important to find a solution  that meets your businesses needs.  We came up with the benefits and power of using Magento.

Magento is well known since 2008 and as the leading E-commerce platform.  One of the most used Magento Platform is Magento Community,  it was created as an open-source software, developers are able to customize it to each store's needs.

Here are five main reasons for  choosing  Magento as your ecommerce platform:

1. Specifically Developed for E-commerce solutions

3007393167_5076a28fbe_m.jpgMagento has been developed as an e-commerce platform and therefore has all the features necessary to create an amazing online store or any other e-Commerce website. Develop your online store on Magento, you will achieve better results  than using CMS plugins such as WooCommerce on WordPress or Drupal Commerce on Drupal.

2. Functionality

Magento has all features you will ever need to  run a successful online shop. It allows to adjust existing features and add new ones. Using magento feathers you can edit your e-commerce store navigation by yourself.

3. The right choice  for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Some SEO features comes with Mangento, they will help your online store to  make search engine land running. Magento was developed to be SEO friendly and it comes with different SEO  features, that  features search engine friendly code and search engine friendly permalinks.

4. Custom friendly

Magento offers over  1,900 commerce themes available to download in Magento Connect and thousands more have been created by  website developers.  Сustom modules сan be added to the framework without interfering with the source code. But if you don’t have a large budget , you can choose one of the Magento e-commerce themes.

5. Price

Magento is affordable for company of any size. It’s  is an open source  platform. Magento is free for developers to use and the new features are regularly added.

Many big and small companies use Magento to meet their customer’s needs.  If you are interested in developing  online store on Magento  and have anymore questions, please contact us or visit our web-site.