How to generate traffic for your Magento store

Magento has become the most popular e-commerce platform, millions of people use it for online shopping. Building e-commerce store on magento is a great decision, but also you have to know how to optimize search engine and generate as much traffic as possible for your online store.

Learn the main SEO tips for Magento store:


  • Create  Unique ContentContent is a very important part of your online store. You have to decide how to communicate with your  visitors: articles, blog posts, video presentations, all this  will help  you to build a relationship with your visitors and give them a reason to visit your online store in the future. Creating content, remember that it must be interesting and useful at the same time.

  • Write carefully your page titlesThe right written page titles can bring much traffic to you online store. The page titles must describe products and include key words. For example, the title “adidas women’s running shoes” brings more visitors from google search then just “adidas shoes”.  To optimize your online store , the page titles have to be as descriptive as possible.
  • Start a BlogThe best way to generate traffic is to update the online store with fresh and interesting content and a blog is the easiest way to do it.  Update your blog regularly , answering  your customers’ questions. We suggest to choose Wordpress for your online blogging. Lea rn more about benefits of Magento&Wopdpress integration.


  • Social Media MarketingThe value of Social Media is increasing day after day, almost everybody has a Facebook ,Twitter, Google+ accounts and etc. We can use this technology to generate traffic. Integrate your online store with social networks is only one way to get attention to you online business. The content, you share  may interest  your readers  and bring them back to your online store. Create a social promotion, offering discounts and special offers for people that Tweet or post about you.
  • Integrate online store  with Google AnalyticsUsing all tips above you will bring traffic to your website, but without monitoring the sources of referral traffic  and  the best search keywords, you will never build marketing strategy for you online store. With Google Analytics you are able to  track on-site behavior, monitor conversions, see which pages have the most visitors rate and etc.   Magento’s customization options and user-friendly interface makes easy to generate traffic and optimize your online store for search engines. Would you like to learn more about creating online store on Magento or about e-Commerce marketing? Read our blog  or contact us.