Базовое ускорение Magento – как быстро и просто ускорить ваш магазин.

Basic acceleration of Magento

Below there are some basic settings, by which everyone is being able to make an online store in Magento much faster. After the basic configuration of the store, you'll probably want to speed up its work. Thus, in order your shop begins to work a lot faster you need to do the following things:

Switch on the cache.

cache 1 Go to the section System and click> Cache Management 2 Mark all types of caches 3 Select "Switch on" in the column Action 4 Click – send. Keep in mind for the future. Do not forget to update the cache after installing modules or in case you assume that there's "something wrong" with the store.  

Switch on the compilation

compilation   1 Go to the section - System> Tools> Compilation 2 Click Start compilation process 3 Click switch on   [Alert-red] Note: Before installing the modules, be sure to disconnect the compilation for avoiding the problems after installing the new modules. [/ alert-red]  

Switch on the horizontal structure of catalogue

1 Go to the section the System> Configuration 2 Choose in the left menu Catalog and go to the Custom Tab 3 Click Yes in the category of the catalogue with a horizontal structure storage 4 Choose Yes to the section ''use the goods with a horizontal structure storage 5 Click Save Configuration 6 Then update the index Product Flat Data and Category Flat Data catalog  

Additionally: Switch on combining the files: CSS and Javascript

javascript_and_css_merge Go to the section of the System> Configuration In the Block Advanced (at the bottom of left menu) > For developer In the Block Settings JavaScript> Combine Files JavaScript> and click Yes In the Block Settings CSS> Combine Files CSS> and click Yes [Alert-orange] If there something stops working on the website, after switching on this feature, then shut down the unity of JavaScript files or eliminate the conflicts in JS (in case you know how to do it) [/ Alert-orange] try do to these things and everything should be working fine.      

In summary

After turning on the option which is underlined above, you will get a significant increase in the speed of the site. Also, try not to forget to update the cache and index .